Memorable programs, memorable people

14 February 2018

Yes for Life

‘It is not just the other one you love but also the way he loves you, which turns you gradually into the person you have always wanted to be.” The above thought comes from actor Soma Zámbori, who together with his wife, Dr. Rita Fazekas, mediator, are the faces of this year’s campaign for the Week of Marriage. My husband and I met them at the musical mass held at the Deák tér Evangelical Lutheran Church. I have always watched with interest who the representatives in a given year are for the series of events promoting marriage. As all people are different, so there are no two identical marriages and this is precisely what lends value to this series of events: different personalities – even the two members of the same couple – all have a different take on why saying yes meant for a lifetime is good. These stories are badly needed at a time when it is no news if something works well, it is only newsworthy if something is scandalous or painful. It is precisely the young generations that have the greatest need to be given opportunities when they can learn, from credible people, the merits of living in wedlock.