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06 March 2018

Waiting for Historical Justice

While I paid my tribute at the grave of János Esterházy, I remembered the events of last year related to and commemorating him. One of these events was the ceremony in the Gesztenyéskert in Budapest five years ago, where my husband unveiled the poignant statue of the martyr politician. Then, just like now, we remembered the Christian statesman, who alone had the courage and honesty to vote against the Jewish laws in the Slovak Parliament, who later nevertheless was declared a war criminal and sent to the Gulag. “Let us gather strength from the stature of János Esterházy, let us pass on his faith to our children,” said my husband in his speech at Alsóbodok.
“Let us commemorate him every year! And let us await the moment with a Christian’s patience, when history does him justice. We don’t know either the day, or the hour – as the quote says – but it will happen.”
Whoever experiences these moments, will know that in their heart people have already done justice to this nobleman of tragic fate.