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19 December 2021

"To love and to sacrifice"

When János and I decided in spring to set up a foundation to support Covid orphans, we did not foresee that we would be part of a nationwide movement. We noted with pleasure that the fundraising drive named "It's Good to Be Good” aimed at helping Covid orphans was such an overwhelming cause that everyone resonated to, something that the whole country could rally around. The rich and the poor, anonymous donors and celebrities, small business owners and corporate giants all wanted to help the orphans as Christmas approached. Donations were received from a Transcarpathian reformed church congregation, from Csaba Böjte's orphanages, and unique donations were made by, among others, Katalin Kariko and Pope Francis himself. This will be a significant support for the nearly 1,000 children who have lost one or both parents to the pandemic. We are working for them with the Regőczi Foundation. We hope that the Advent spirit, which has raised 350 million forints, will continue in the period ahead. The Covid orphans need continued and predictable support for years and decades to come. We were motivated by the example of Father István Regőczi, whose epitaph reads "To love and to sacrifice". He himself tirelessly followed this path for 97 years.