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04 February 2018

The Soul of Wine

“Wine is a special product. It has a soul, as well as character, a story and a history. It evolves even in the bottle, first it becomes more beautiful then wiser and finally it dies. (…) wine is the only thing that remains human even in its decline,” says Mátyás Szőke, awarded the title Winemaker of the Year 2017. The above quote reveals a lot about the dedication and love of wine of last year’s best winemaker. He feels very strongly about making sure that the same way as the products of other prominent Hungarian wine regions, the wines of the Mátra region are known and acknowledged by as many people as possible. Mátyás Szőke is also one of those winemakers for whom the profession is almost in their blood. His family has been cultivating grapes for generations and – as he noted at the gala luncheon hosted in his honour – he hopes that his children and grandchildren will keep the tradition going. He so hopes because he believes in the ancient wisdom: there is good wine and better wine and there is our own. I can but encourage everyone to discover and learn to appreciate Hungarian wines and their makers, who are outstanding winemakers and people of great knowledge and a good sense of humour at the same time.