Memorable programs, memorable people

12 June 2019

The Recipe of Inclusion

There are people living with disabilities who cannot walk, their smile and laughter, though, are all the more meaningful, the result of the work done with their hands is a blessing. Some have to embrace using one hand only, their strength to get things done, though, defies any description. Many a people live among us, who have to surmount various obstacles and difficulties, do an excellent job, though, in a restaurant, for example. It was such a special venue I visited the other day, when I attended the opening function of the family friendly restaurant called Ízlelő in Budapest. I was moved to hear the words of the initiator of the place, Andrea Mészáros, leader of the Kék Madár (Blue Bird) Foundation. The restaurant to be opened within the building of the Mayors Office for the 12th district employs almost exclusively people with disabilities.  Realizing the noble vision of the initiators of the project, these employees do an outstanding job and serve guests the most delicious dishes, bites and refreshments. While indulging in culinary delights, one can learn to understand and accept, and the perfect recipe is offered of how to allow people with disabilities into our hearts.
Everyone should visit and experience the Restaurant Izlelő located on Böszörményi út! https://izleloetterem.hu/hegyvidek/