Memorable programs, memorable people

29 September 2017

The Power that Brings one Back

I received a painting as a present from one of the residents of the Good Samaritan Orphanage (Irgalmas Szamaritánus Gyermekotthon) in Nagydobrony. The picture features the building of the orphanage with a hand next to it. The hand is mine and the little girl painted it because she remembered me as the ’lángos-making woman’, the one kneading the dough for the ’lángos’. This happened two years ago and I knew already then that I would definitely return to Nagydobrony. György Velkey, the director of Bethesda Children’s Hospital came here for the first time ten years ago and he decided then to one day bring along his colleagues too. Angéla Gui, the organiser of various charity events first met the institution at the beginning of this year and she too felt that Nagydobrony called for a repeat visit. The opportunity presented itself with the charity run organised to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. With Angéla in the lead, doctors and supporters of the Bethesda Hospital ran from Budapest to Nagydobrony where I waited for them together with the residents of the orphanage. The runners brought donations and on the weekend also performed the medical screening of one hundred Hungarian and Ukrainian children. All of us who met in Nagydobrony this time came here for the first time at various times and for different reasons but in the end what brought us back was the same power: love, which forged one big family out of the earlier strangers with the residents of the orphanage. It is love that remembers and keeps track of the visitors to Nagydobrony. I hope that an increasing number of people will pay a visit in person.