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16 December 2017

The One-millionth Hungarian Abroad

Miklós Lajkó and his family live in Gunaras, a Hungarian village in Vojvodina. In his autobiography enclosed to his application for citizenship, he wrote the following: “Seeking Hungarian citizenship is also an emotional issue for me, I would really like to become a full-fledged citizen of Hungary, just like my ancestors…” On my father’s side, I come from a family in the Hungarian Highlands and although I was born in Hungary, I still have relatives outside of the borders of the country. It occurs to me more than once that my fate could also have taken a different turn. I often visit Subcarpathia, Vojvodina, Transylvania and the Highlands, so I am well aware of how much citizenship means to Hungarians born on the other side of the border. It is important to them since they consider themselves Hungarian, Hungarian is their mother tongue, they graduated from Hungarian schools and their ancestors were also Hungarians. Miklós Lajkó made his oath of allegiance in the Sándor Palace: he became the one-millionth Hungarian to be granted Hungarian citizenship through the simplified naturalisation procedure.
My husband expressed my very feelings as well, when in his festive speech he said Miklós Lajkó and people like him, should be thanked for “preserving and passing on from one generation to the next, our ancestors’ faith and love for the patria. For the fact that they love, work, speak to their children and dream in Hungarian.”