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30 November 2020 - 01 December 2020

The Legacy of András Pető

I still cherish the experience gained among conductors and mobility impaired children upon my visit to the kindergarten of the Pető Institute. The spirit of helping collaboration and shared work done to promote development was omnipresent in the entire building. Thus, I happily obliged when asked to welcome the participants of the 10th World Congress of Conductive Education over the worldwide web. In recognition of their supreme work, I stressed: ‘Whoever has ever visited an institution where education is done using András Pető’s by now world-famous method, had a chance to experience that there is really no more heroic deed than exercising patience.’ The name of András Pető is well known the world over in the treatment of people with mobility impairments. The Hungarian physician believed and practiced that every person, whatever trauma their nervous system has suffered, has reserves and skills and competences that can be developed. Since his time, countless outstanding conductors have been trained in Budapest, who, using the Pető method have provided immense support to both children and adults with disabilities. Their profession is defined by the appreciation and loving reinforcement of fellow human beings. We can all look up to them.