Memorable programs, memorable people

20 November 2019

The Forgotten Pearl of the Liget

CNN was not the only one just the other day proclaiming Budapest to be the most beautiful winter capital, owing to its special vibe and romantic architecture. The spouses of diplomats representing various countries of the world, whom I invited to the recently refurbished Millennium House in the City Park, also spoke highly of our capital city. The 134-year-old building, the refurbishment of which was completed just a few weeks ago, awaited its visitors with an interactive exhibition showcasing the rich history of the City Park, as well as a magnificent Zsolnay Café. Following the tour of the building, my guests and I listened to a concert featuring four flute players of the Virtuosi, performing classical pieces. I think we witnessed the rebirth of a colourful cultural venue, which has always been dedicated to the arts. The predecessor of the Exhibition Hall, the onetime creative arts workshop is today open for everyone, featuring replicas of antique winged lion statues, evoking the portraits of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raffaello and presenting a multitude of Zsolnay ceramic works to transport visitors into the world of arts. We are fortunate to be living in Budapest, such a truly beautiful city!