Memorable programs, memorable people

17 December 2017

The Face of Goodness

The MTVA campaign “Jónak lenni jó” (Being good feels good) launched to support the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service resulted in a record amount of donations. Throughout the day, TV viewers could watch features presenting the work of the charity service, learning about the staff of the organisation, as well as about stories of people helped by the charity service. As the goodwill ambassador of the Maltese Charity Service, together with father Imre Kozma and Miklós Vaszily, CEO of MTVA I too was there in the studio when it was revealed that by dialling the donation hotline 1350 and through other offerings, viewers contributed more than HUF 290 million to the charity service.
László Németh wrote: “The reason people do not notice goodness is that it is transparent, just like water and air, only its scarcity is noticed.” On this day, though, goodness seemed to overflow and it had a face too, visible to everyone. It showed the features of all of those people with good intentions who offered help on that day.
I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!