Memorable programs, memorable people

27 June 2019

The Artist of Elating Music

Ferenc Snétberger is admired not just because he is a world-class guitar player and one of the most prominent figures of the Hungarian musical scene. He is no less acknowledged for what he does to help musically talented children to succeed. Young Snétberger disciples recently gave a classical concert in Madrid in the presence of Sophia, Queen of Spain. After the concert, the Queen Mother, herself a music lover, expressed her surprise and deepest appreciation to the guitar player for the high standard of the performance. As the crowning moment of the huge success, the Snétberger Centre also earned the prize of the Spanish Roma Cultural Centre. As a tribute to the work done by the musician offering opportunities to the young Roma with stellar performances, János and I invited Ferenc Snétberger and his wife, Angela Snétberger to the Sándor Palace for a dinner in their honour. We had met the artist on several occasions before, we heard a number of his ingenious concerts and a few years ago we also paid a visit to the Snétberger Centre in Felsőörs, where talent development among the youth takes place in summer camps with the involvement of acknowledged teachers. The guitar artist told us that a camp was soon to begin, with 60 people attending. We can be grateful and proud that people like him live among us.