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08 September 2017

The Appeal of Good Wine

From Villány to Tokaj-Hegyalja, from the Balaton Highlands to Csongrád, whichever way one turns in Hungary, one comes across historic wine regions. What’s more, Hungary is among the few countries where the entire range of classic wines is produced, from light white wines through full-bodied reds to naturally sweet wines. Being a small country, Hungary cannot produce enough wine for the world market to be internationally recognised, the extraordinary quality and the varied flavours, however, are well known in distant parts of the world and attract many people to Hungary.
This year’s Wine Festival again lured countless visitors to Hungary, from far away countries as well, or at least my husband and I met lots of foreigners while sampling the best wines of Hungarian wineries. It was a pleasure to hear and see all the praise which has earned immense pride in Hungarian wines not only for their makers but also for us Hungarians to share in. We have thousands of reasons to celebrate Hungarian wines and we are fortunate to have thousands of wines to celebrate with.
Photo 4.: Zsolt Szigetváry