Memorable programs, memorable people

22 February 2018

Respect for One Another

I heard about Mihály Bihari from my father for the first time: they both knew and respected the work of the other. I met him in person for the first time as a university student and he promptly became one of the favourite professors for both my husband and myself. János later turned from student to colleague, as they worked in the same research group at the Sociology Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. As time passed, their relationship – in spite of the age difference – evolved into friendship, which was not affected by their different political affiliations during the four years while they worked as members of parliament. The career of Mihály Bihari goes to prove that through diligence and perseverance the upholsterer craftsman can become a university lecturer and later a member of the Academy of Sciences and ultimately the president of the Constitutional Court. His life can serve as inspiration and encouragement to many.