Memorable programs, memorable people

25 February 2018


As I have described earlier, because of my grandfather brought to No. 60. Andrássy St., commemorating the victims of communism on 25. February every year is a personal matter to me. This year again, we bowed our head to the memory of the victims in front of what used to be the feared-loathed building. As we proceeded in front of the portraits placed on the wall of heroes, I observed the people who lit candles together with us and wondered how many of them had lost direct relatives and loved ones to the communist regime. As time passes, less and less of them are still alive, therefore it is important to ensure that nurturing the memory of the victims becomes a social issue instead of a personal duty. There is no way the hundreds of thousands – their exact number is not known – who lost their lives, freedom and dignity to communism could be compensated for their unfair sufferings. It is our duty, though, to ensure, that their memory never fades.