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23 November 2020 - 30 November 2020

Pre-Christmas Co-Operation

Making the advent wreath has always been an essential part of my family’s pre-Christmas preparations. Already ten years ago, when we lived in Brussels, we created additional advent wreaths, on top of the ones made for ourselves and offered them for sale by the charity fair organised by the Hungarian House in Brussels. This is precisely what happened at the fairs organised by the Club of Young Families, where over the years, it has become a tradition that I make advent wreaths, and the proceeds from the sale are always offered for a specific charitable cause. Although the pandemic situation made the endeavour close to my heart more difficult to implement this year, I still did not have to abandon the idea altogether. This time, we set out to work at home and my daughter, Juli and I shared the joy of creation. The two of us contributed some sixty different wreaths to the charitable fundraising, intended to fund the purchase of a new special stretcher for the vehicle of the Saint Martin Children’s Ambulance Service. Our wreaths were sold quickly, the light of their candles adorning tables of families, by now herald the approaching holidays. Christmas this year is bound to be more quiet, similar to what it was like some two thousand years ago. This is precisely what will allow us to get closer to the secret of the birth of Jesus Christ.