Memorable programs, memorable people

19 January 2018

Performance, as the Norm

A key aspect of János’s work as president is the recognition and acknowledgement of work and performance. For me supporting young talents has been an area of prominent importance in recent years and this will remain unchanged in the future, as well. The participants of the WorldSkills competition form the common section of these two sets: they are young and talented youth, who have earned their success through hard work. Not just themselves and their masters, but all of us, Hungarians can take pride in their achievements. At the competition held in Abu Dhabi, with 57 countries attending, Hungary came in 22nd based on the total score and 18th based on the number of contestants within the top 25 per cent.
It was a joy and a pride to host in the Sándor Palace future masters, who already serve as role models. As my husband put it: “Well-done work has a less visible, less tangible result, as well. Such work brings social prestige and respect, because from this moment onwards, performance becomes the norm for others, as well.”