Memorable programs, memorable people

06 January 2018

Past and Future

For many years now, the New Year’s Gala organised by Hagyományok Háza (House of Traditions) has been among the first events we attend. The evening brought a salute to thousand-year-old values, presenting our cultural heritage from the Ipoly to the Olt River, from the Gyimes to the Mezőség region. This year’s programme began with a salute to the Holy Crown: our national relic was returned from the United States exactly forty years ago to the day.
New Year’s Eve is all about leaving the year behind, together with all that has passed, to welcome the new year and the new challenges. It is a joy and a reassuring thought for me, though, that we set out for the new year celebrating our traditions and cultural heritage. I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and joyous new year with the lines written by the poet Mihály Babits: “Without past there is no future, and the richer your past, the more ties you have to connect to the future.”

Photos 1., 2. and 4., courtesy of Gábor Dusa (Hagyományok háza).