Memorable programs, memorable people

22 November 2019

Our Daily Bread

Whenever help is needed, Hungarians are immediately at the ready. They offer help, donations and extra work selflessly and even to strangers. It was no different with the programme entitled Bread of the Hungarians, where nearly 5700 Hungarian farmers within the Carpathian Basin joined forces to ensure that Hungarian families in need do not lack bread. Donations were equally awaited by the residents of the Good Samaritan Calvinist Children’s Home in Nagydobrony in Subcarpathia, where those giving the presents arrived following the feast of Saint Elisabeth. According to the biography of Queen Elisabeth, she too established a shelter for orphaned children and arranged to feed hundreds of poor people. The Subcarpathian farmers joining the initiative this year in particularly high numbers in spite of the difficult economic situation of their country, must have felt the same way, contributing half of the flour gathered outside of Hungary. Nearly 800 tons of flour were collected from within the Carpathian Basin – an incredible amount, showing the power of joining forces and donating, which may be the reason for more and more people volunteering year upon year. Seeing the smile illuminating the faces of children from Nagydobrony, I felt, they must know how many people love and cherish them.