Memorable programs, memorable people

15 January 2018

On Continuity

At the traditional New Year’s reception offered to members of the diplomatic corps in his welcome address, my husband talked about what is expected to remain constant and unchanged in the future as well in Hungary’s foreign policy. All this happened at the beginning of a year, when we are preparing for parliamentary elections, which, together with the campaign period preceding the elections, will have an impact on the lives of us all.
Whatever the outcome of the elections will be, our commitment to our membership within the EU, our responsibility for Hungarians outside of Hungary and our role assumed in the fight against terrorism will remain unchanged, said János. It is in the spirit of continuity that the programme for the evening was selected: Master and Disciple was the title of the magnificent concert offered by Gergely Bogányi and Misi Boros. Passing down our cultural heritage and knowledge, alongside with the nurturing of talents are values that form the cornerstones of our everyday life. The same way as love, respect for each other and tolerance do too.