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28 November 2019 - 01 December 2019

Mysterious Egypt

Egypt itself is a miracle. A country where dreams thousands of years old are kept.  The legacy of the empire of the pharaohs, the secret of the survival of Coptic Christians, the home where the Sacred Family found refuge. The history of Egypt is full of mysteries, gigantic and extraordinary human achievements, the traces of antiquity. During our official journey lasting but a few days, I visited some awe-inspiring places. In a number of monasteries and churches established in antique times, we were shown around by Coptic bishops. In the Saint Marc Cathedral, I was astonished to see the memorials of 21st century martyrs, assassinated Christians from Libya. Our host, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is fortunately supportive of Coptic Christians, celebrating Christmas together with them and supporting the rebuilding of Christian churches attacked and destroyed a few years ago during the turmoil caused by the Muslim Brotherhood. At the end of our journey, together with my husband, we had a unique experience in Luxor, where Hungarian archaeologists are also working. Tamás Bács, professor of Egyptology showed us around in the excavation area, visiting places recently discovered and not yet on display to the general audience. Antique temples, settlements, exotic fragments of a bygone enchanting era are being unearthed, adding new treasures to Egypt’s irresistible appeal.