Memorable programs, memorable people

09 December 2021

My encounters with Covid orphans

When the coronavirus pandemic took one parent after the other in the spring, we outsiders felt that compassion, sympathy, and assistance were the only way forward. From the time the István Regőczi Foundation was set up, I had to wait until September for the day when I could begin to travel around the country to visit the children and the families who had lost their parents. I met, hugged, and talked to those who had suffered a great loss, and passed on the encouraging messages of many people. I grew even closer to them. These irreplaceable face-to-face meetings allowed me to meet many of the families for whom we have been working together since April and for whom we want to make life a little bit easier in the future. Until December, I visited several towns in each region of the country. The incomprehensible drama they are experiencing cannot be fully appreciated from the outside, but we can help them to find a way out of their difficulties and to feel financially secure on the long term. I am grateful to the countless well-meaning people who have donated to help raise the necessary funds, and I am grateful to the professionals of the Charity Council for their cooperation. I feel that the greatest treasure was the opportunity to get to know many of the beneficiaries during the tour. I will now be able think personally of the families and children I have met. And the experience we have gained will help us to support them even more effectively. Therefore, I will continue these personal meetings by all means.