Memorable programs, memorable people

13 January 2020

“Mert mibennünk zeng a lélek”

“It is in line with the best European traditions that countries together shape the future relying on their own past experience and national goals, accepting European values”, said my husband at the New Year’s reception, when greeting the diplomats serving in Budapest and their spouses. The stage of the Festival Theatre was bursting with young musicians and dancers of astonishing talent. The students of Ferenc Snétberger, the folk dancers of the Csillagszemű (Starry Eyed) Ensemble and the Virtuosi, the artists of the future performed. We listened to, among others, Beethoven’s piano sonata in F-minor and the Winter, Vivaldi’s sonnet of mesmerising beauty, followed by a bottle-dance from Tolna county and a performance from the Kalotaszeg region. The sweeping folk dances and the heart rendering music clearly demonstrated the superior quality of the work done in our schools nurturing traditional and musical talent and that lots of children with outstanding talent have an “exquisite soul”.
We can rest assured that they will be good keepers of the future of our culture.