Memorable programs, memorable people

12 April 2018

Let Us Open Up Our Hearts towards Each Other

I was overjoyed to have had the opportunity again this year to attend the event of Kézenfogva (Holding Hands) Foundation, of which I gladly became the patron as well. This year, the principal goal of the foundation, which has been working relentlessly for the past 25 years promoting acceptance of people with disabilities, was realized through a day of games and experiences organised for kindergarten-aged children: the little ones were awaited by helping dogs, awareness-raising games and shared activities throughout the day. They were visibly open and receptive to meet their disabled peers, which shows the success of the organiser’s idea: acceptance should start at the youngest ones.
At the opening ceremony, I read Erika Bartos’s fairy tale Holdbogár (Moon Bug) for the children. In this tale, the helpful Centipede makes a wheelchair for Moon Bug, his disabled friend. The many little eyes reflected a deep understanding of the message: let us open up our hearts towards each other!