Memorable programs, memorable people

18 May 2018 - 19 May 2018

In the Land of the Moldva Csángó Hungarians at Pentecost

The Csíksomlyó Pentecostal Pilgrimage is for me a prominent celebration: it provides a spiritual recharge, offers support and strengthens. The feelings must be shared by hundreds of thousands of Hungarians, also touched by the event they visit year after year – on foot, by bike or by car. They come from the Székely land, as well as from the remotest corners of the world, to reaffirm renewal and survival, the greatness and the protection of human life. All this, at a special place at a special time: in front of the Hármashalom Altar, where sky and earth meet. This year, János and I also paid a visit to the land of the Csángo in Moldva, known as long-time, faitful pilgrims of the Somlyó. Our hosts were tremendously grateful: my husband was the first head of state to visit the Moldva Hungarians living along the River Szeret. We were captivated by their hospitality, gentle straightforwardness, as well as by the archaic landscape embracing their villages. We listened to their ancient songs and tales, watched their dances in Lészped, where the educational centre of the Moldva Csángó operates. In his greeting, my husband quoted the poet Sándor Kányádi: “So what is the role of the nation? To carry on, enrich and use the language selected by God for him exclusively until the ultimate limits of humankind and human existence, for our joy and for God’s greatest glory.” So be it, in the land of the Csángó, as well!