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09 March 2018

In the Footsteps of the Stars of Eger

“We are all defenders of the Eger castle, to some extent,” said Attila Vidnyánszky, principal director of the National Theatre, at the first night of the performance “The Stars of Eger”. Gárdonyi’s work has indeed stood the test of time, since its message still holds true more than one hundred years after it was written and almost five hundred years after the siege of Eger described in the book: although today we need not prove it in battles and bloody fights, the value of courage, loyalty, heroism and solidarity still hold true. The company of the National Theatre and the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble have succeeded in putting the story of the Stars of Eger on stage in a way that is enjoyed by all age groups – in our family, at least, everyone, including my husband and my children, liked it very much. What impressed me most was that the monumental battle scene known from the novel was successfully shown on stage. I recommend this performance wholeheartedly to everyone.