Memorable programs, memorable people

26 June 2019

In Service of Saving Lives

“Thank you for curing me and that from now on I can live healthily,” read a little girl’s moving message on a huge commemorative board displayed in the Children’s Cardiological Intensive Care Unit of the Ferencváros Cardiological Hospital, surrounded by the multitude of photographs of children treated here. The staff of the cardiological clinic serve life every waking minute of every day. Babies and infants in hospital beds and all recovering patients are in good hands, receiving nurturing love and full medical care.
In order, though, for hospitals to have the necessary blood supply available, we too can do our share. This is why I am a regular blood donor and I was happy to accept the invitation to be once again the principal patron of the charity run named ‘We are of the same blood’. Thanks to the phenomenal organisational skills of Angéla Gui, the world once again became a better place. Ultra-runners Tamás Sperka and Balázs Náray, covering five hundred kilometres between the Verecke Pass and Budapest, were joined by a lot of people for shorter stretches.  They covered the last five hundred metres before the cardiac hospital together with the children cured in the institution, and as part of the charity run, a blood donation event was organised in Nagykapos in Slovakia, Miskolc, Eger, as well as in the Budapest cardiology clinic. While many helped donating blood, they also promoted national unity moving across borders, since we are all of the same blood.
The opportunity to donate blood is open to all of us.  Blood donation venues are listed by the National Blood Supply Service at: http://www.hnbts.hu/