Memorable programs, memorable people

23 February 2018

In Pursuit of György Cziffra

I have often wondered at the ease with which talented people find the common musical tone, even if they are active in different genres. This is always clear at the Cziffra Festival held every year too and it is heart-warming to see the high quality and popular performances, in spite of the novelty of the initiative. Of the programmes this year, the improvisation performance of János Balázs, Gábor Presser and Béla Szakcsi Lakatos was a really unforgettable experience for both my husband and myself. The three musicians had never played together before, they held no rehearsal in preparation of the concert either, to ensure that the entire evening would be truly improvised. After the concert, they revealed to us that all they had done by way of preparation was sharing dinner, to get to know each other.
While this evening paid tribute to György Cziffra’s instinctive genius, at the opening concert János Balázs, Gwendolyn Masin, Darko Brlek and the CZF Chamber Orchestra presented to us the works close to the heart of the legendary pianist himself.