Memorable programs, memorable people

04 November 2019

Images of Memory on the National Day of Mourning

Whenever, wherever I hear Beethoven’s Egmont Ouverture, the images that always and forever come to mind are the black and white photos of the 1956 revolution. For thousands of Hungarians, this piece of music is synonymous with the events of the October war of independence, whether or not they were personally involved. In my mind’s eye, I picture the faces of enthusiastic demonstrators, broken shop windows with untouched interiors, images of street fights, followed by those of Soviet tanks and houses in ruins. On 4 November, the concert of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir conducted by José Cura and held in the Saint Stephen Basilica commemorated the defeat of the Hungarian revolution. We cannot be thankful enough that we once again have the freedom that was taken from us at the time!

Photographs 1., 3., and 4., courtesy of Hungarofest Nonprofit Kft. and photograph 2., courtesy of Fortepan.