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26 November 2019

Hungary Helps

Hardly anyone speaks up for them, there is hardly anyone paying any attention to the cries for help coming from faraway countries. Sri Lanka, Philippines, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Libya… the list of places where Christians were violently attacked in recent years is long. Last year only, more than four thousand people lost their lives. Throughout the world, tens of millions of people live under threat just because of their Christian faith. The international conference held in Budapest urging action to prevent the persecution of Christians directed the world’s attention to them. Church and political leaders from some 45 countries attended the event. Joining forces is necessary, the fact that persecution exists, must be recognised and support must be offered to those in trouble. During the briefing about the Programme Hungary Helps, I was reminded of what one of the goodwill ambassadors of the initiative, Father Szabolcs Sajgó said: the monk visiting the destruction in Iraq talked of his experience that many people feel left alone and that for those people besides financial support, the mere fact that people on the other side of the globe are compassionate, means a lot too.  It is these people Hungary would like to help – together with an increasing number of other countries, I hope.