Memorable programs, memorable people

05 December 2017 - 06 December 2017

Hungarians in the Czech Republic

We always try to turn our visits abroad into an opportunity at the same time to meet, in addition to the official programmes, Hungarians living there and to visit Hungarian sites.  During our visit to the Czech Republic, following the programmes we shared with the presidential couple, we saw Saint Stephen’s sword, we paid tribute to the grave of János Esterházy and laid a wreath on the building in Karlovy Vary where the poet János Arany lived during his medical treatment. It is always a moving experience to see distant reminders of our past but what really touches my heart is the encounter with local Hungarians. We used to live abroad ourselves, so I am keenly aware of how important our Hungarian roots become far away from home and how we use our inherent strength to reconnect with fellow Hungarians. Upon our visit to the Czech Republic, once again, feeling the love and attention Hungarians living there dedicate to the cause of the Hungarians was a heart-warming feeling.  These encounters always reinforce my conviction that one can end up abroad for a myriad of reasons but crossing the border, one leaves the country only and not their Hungarian-ness. Actor Gáza Röhrig was once asked in an interview why he returned from America. He responded: “One can be torn from his home country, one’s home country cannot be torn from within, though.”