Memorable programs, memorable people

18 April 2018


Hungaricum can be a special Hungarian product, an extraordinary method or maybe an entire setting. In the case of Herend, I think, all of these are manifest at the same time. When my husband and I visited the exhibition “Herend – a collector’s passion”, what impressed me most was the craftsmanship of the porcelain makers and painters. Their work provides the basis for the nearly 200-year old tradition and continuing success of the Herend Manufactory. In his speech, János recalled the memory of his predecessor, Ferenc Mádl, born in this region. He had relatives and acquaintances working in Herend, and he himself took great pride in the porcelain factory. The refined objects shaped and painted here represent for us and for others special values and lasting works. This is true for both passionate collectors of Hungarica and for those who take pride in domestic products. These objects form part of a world that goes against the consumer formula of “produce, use and discard”.