Memorable programs, memorable people

23 January 2020

Help for Ill Children from Subcarpathia

The same way as last year there was a successful campaign to raise the money needed to buy the prohibitively expensive, life-saving medication for Zente, a boy suffering from a rare and severe form of muscle atrophy, this time, countless donors joined forces, at the charity event of the ÉrMe Network held in Várpalota at the end of last year to offer development opportunities for children living with disabilities in Subcarpathia. Owing to the efforts of a lot of good-hearted people, this initiative also closed successfully. The donors raised EUR 24 thousand, the entire amount missing from the contribution required for the EU subsidy of the Maltese Charity Service. Although due to other, parallel engagements, I was albeit the principal patron of the charity event but could not be present in person, at the handover ceremony held at the headquarters of the Maltese Charity Service, I had the chance to meet the organisers of the fundraising, János Makuk among others, the father from Beregszász of the project named Sparkling Eyes. As a result of the Maltese Charity Service and the Pető Institute joining forces, this year regular development activities in Subcarpathia could begin, benefiting families in the region, raising children with disabilities, so far typically without means and possibilities. Zente, as a result of the necessary treatment having become available, has just learnt to stand. We have every hope that similar good news will report the improvement in the condition of children in Subcarpathia as well.