Memorable programs, memorable people

14 December 2017

Giving Has Never Before Been Such a Pleasure

One of the year’s most awaited events, one I have now joined for the seventh time, is the programme of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Order entitled ’Giving is a Joy’. My spiritual energy reserves are recharged through these events, since every year I realise that people are indeed good and are happy to help others. This year’s collecting was particularly close to my heart: usually it is families and retired people who contribute food staples to the Christmas of those in need, this year, though, saw a lot of young people getting involved as well. First a teenage boy stepped up to our table with a package of flour, then a group of girls brought a bar of chocolate each. They were followed by a series of donations. We welcomed all of them but particularly the fact that young people seem to understand and feel that it is important to think of others. Giving is always a joy but it has probably never been such a great one.