Memorable programs, memorable people

21 April 2018

Artists of the Future

“If a work of art is beautiful it is not due to the work itself but to what shines through: there is some innate magnetism, the radiation of the immaterial world of Beauty” – was the quote I used from poet Sándor Weöres, upon opening the national high school contest in drawing and visual arts. It is a refreshing experience to marvel at the polished works rich in ideas of the young participants of the contest. This year once again, the pictures and objects on display at the Deák 17 Gallery attested to the extraordinary richness of the students’ thoughts and imagination. They provide me with reassurance year after year: the teenage generation is brilliantly talented. The topic of the contest this year, “Festival Europe”, provided ample room for self-expression. The exhibition is open until 26. May and is well worth a visit.