Memorable programs, memorable people

26 September 2017

Always a Little More

I think I have never ever had to buy jam. Both my mother and my mother-in-law regularly made jams and preserves and I also continued the tradition. Thus there has always been some home-made jam, syrup and preserves in the pantry. Those who are similarly lucky, know that these home-made delicacies are much more than just a combination of a certain amount of fruits and sugar. Each and every spoonful evokes happy summer memories, symbolises the love of the family and the warmth of the family home. I am certain that the same applies to the preserves, jams and pickles made as part of the programme entitled Nurturing Love (Tápláló szeretet). Large families express their gratitude to the pensioners doing all the work, on postcards and drawings made by children. And as happens in families: the reward for caring is love. The participants of the programme Nurturing Love are relentless and offer more and more every year: this year marked the filling of the ten thousandth preserve jar – this time with a portion of home-made letcho. These caring pensioners make the thought of writer Mária Szepes come true: “One is never lonely if he is interested in the fate of someone else. One can always help, one can always give a little more.”