Memorable programs, memorable people

24 November 2019

Allies in Good Deeds

I am endlessly grateful to the spouses of diplomats working in Hungary for all the help they as foreigners jointly offer to Hungarian people, children who are ill and in need. These people have come to Hungary from faraway countries and still they quickly conquer the distance separating them from those deprived and fighting with diseases. Their immense efforts come to fruition at the traditional Diplomatic Charity Fair, held in the Hotel Intercontinental during the pre-Christmas period. The increasing revenue of the spectacular, colourful event is offered to support social and healthcare institutions and charity organisations in Hungary. The tasks preceding the event are endless, there is considerable work invisible to outsiders before the charity event can take place. Weeks and months of tireless efforts are needed to ensure that authentic and rare goods from around the world can be offered at the Budapest fair. The spouses of diplomats never relent, though – they delved into organising for the ninth time in a row. This too demonstrates that they view Budapest not just as their place of work but as their genuine home.  It was a pleasure to see many of them again and to visit, together with them, the Hungarian stand as well, set up for the first time this year at this special occasion.