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09 December 2017

A Pair of Warm Shoes

Every year for ten years now I have been anxiously waiting for the letter written by a girl living in one of the Böjte homes to the Angel, listing her Christmas wishes. Many years ago, together with many other judges, I joined the initiative of Dr. Emese Érsek, one of my colleagues. In recent years, we have been gathering Christmas gift packages assembled on the basis of these letters at the Christmas celebration organised by the Curia, the Budapest Regional Court and the Hungarian Association of Judges. Entry to the event is granted upon delivery of the Christmas wish of a “Böjte child” and the entire proceeds of the event, complete with a charity auction is donated to the Hungarian Hospice Foundation and to the children’s homes led by Csaba Böjte.
A pair of warm shoes – this item was on top of the list of almost every child, followed by other requests: if not shoes then a pair of skates, or else, some toys. The style of the letters suggested that they were written together, under guidance from the teachers. A recurring sentence, at the end of the letters, for instance, read: “I promise, Angel, that I will be good throughout the year.” There was one letter, though, that of a little boy that stood out. I imagine that the author of this letter carefully considered that the Angel cannot be lied to and that promises must be kept.  Thus, after thorough thinking he ended his letter saying: “I promise, Angel, that I will always tie my shoelaces.”