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13 May 2016 - 15 May 2016

You can mention my name!

‘You can mention my name!’ said Áron Márton often, according to those who remember. Thus he tried to protect those who stood by him and helped him in his mission to defend the oppressed. The catholic bishop lived in an age when a great many people needed support: victims of the two world wars, as well as those persecuted and those who were hit by the Trianon treaty. The Transylvanian priest raised his voice for them, for those in despair. He was courageous enough to defend those weaker than himself not only in spite of the threat of prison, home detainment and countless humiliations but was also strong enough to protect his helpers from repercussions. You can mention my name!, said Áron Márton, assuming all the consequences. From now on, a statue, unveiled by János in Csikszereda, will pay tribute to his memory. Áron Márton is the role model that stands for love and support under all circumstances. His personal experience enriched me with this additional message during our three-day trip to Transylvania, of which the greatest pilgrimage feast of all Hungarians, the Csiksomlyó pilgrimage was a part of this year, as well.