Memorable programs, memorable people

20 August 2015

World famous talents and dedicated mentors

After Krisztina Egerszegi, Sándor Lámfalussy, Imre Kertész Imre and Ernő Rubik, this year again, it was two world famous Hungarians, chess grand master, Judit Polgár and composer Péter Eötvös, who received the highest state award, the Saint Stephen Order from János.  
In my mind their careers share common features beyond talent and inspiration: they are equally committed to fostering communities and nurturing talent.  Over the past year I have attended several events together with Judit Polgár, whose programme aimed at nurturing talent I have been following with great sympathy for years.  The dinner following the award ceremony of the Saint Stephen Order provided the first opportunity to meet Péter Eötvös in person.   The popular, still active, composer of operas is equally committed to mentoring, through the foundation he established.  Encouraging and helping budding talents is in my opinion one of the most important common tasks we have, in view of the future of Hungary, as well.  For this we owe thanks to the two laureates.