Memorable programs, memorable people

06 January 2019

Welcoming the New Year

The House of Traditions (Hagyományok Háza) staged a wonderful programme welcoming the new year, produced by Ferenc Sebő in the Palace of Arts. János and I witnessed a colourful musical wandering through the centuries. Ancient square dances and wedding dances from the Balkans were followed by the archaic sounds of whistles, pipes and the hurdy-gurdy, and Vivaldi and Bach tunes, followed by a rich collection of folk songs and a presentation of folk dances. The wide selection of verses sung and liturgical texts, as well as of resounding folk songs were arranged in a deliberate sequence following the order of composition, showcasing the development of polyphony, thus bringing us from the monophonic sound of the most ancient instruments to the present day. We experienced countless genres and various ways of expression, the thoughts and emotions they transmit, though, are still with us, enriching and glorifying the year that has just commenced.

Photo: Courtesy of Hagyományok Háza.