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12 April 2019

Vaccines Can Prevent a Multitude of Epidemics

Having brought up four children together with my husband, as responsible parents we always considered it a blessing that the experience and achievements of modern medicine have been available to us when fighting against diseases. We never thought that we could outsmart doctors and that the experience accumulated over decades could be ignored. At the National Specialised Training Programme for Vaccination in Szeged, I advocated the importance of vaccination again. The issue is unfortunately a really timely one, since although a number of countries have all means for effective protection, many people still refuse to consent to their children being vaccinated, thus exposing them to various pathogens. The other day, a state of emergency was declared and mandatory vaccination was ordered in Brooklyn, New York, because of a measles epidemic. A disease that has been nearly eradicated has now been contacted by tens of thousands of people the world over, allowing the proliferation of various dangerous complication and parental concerns.
I trust that parents in Hungary will continue to have their children vaccinated without neglecting their responsibilities. This is the only way to protect and maintain the carefree vitality and health of our youngest ones.