Memorable programs, memorable people

13 March 2019

Up Close and Personal to Nature’s Wonders

“Thank God, there are people like Bence Máté, who not only pause and marvel at Earth’s wonderful secrets but also spend time and effort to share with all of us through their meticulously rendered, artistic photographs all that surrounds us”, said friar Csaba Böjte, the role model of the artist.
Bence Máté is a young man at the leading edge of the world’s top lists of nature photography. He is the only one on the entire planet to have been elected both, young nature photographer and nature photographer of the year. The young photographer lives entirely in unison with nature and keeps tirelessly building lookouts from where he observes nature for hours on end to capture its most magnificent moments. Anyone offered a chance to test one of his secret lookouts can feel fortunate, thus it was a great joy for our family to have been offered a visit. From the hidden lookout, even the most shy creatures of the animal world are seen up close. Bence Máté’s photos taken here are at the same time beautiful as well as revealing of the so far hidden details of our immediate surroundings. The images are true eye-openers and attitude shapers.
It was thus no question for us that we should attend the exhibition in Szent István square presenting the nature photographs of Bence Máté. The amazing collection was opened by János and brother Csaba Böjte. The million faces of nature were presented in a uniquely mesmerising fashion using state-of-the-art technology. This intriguing collection will be shown to the interested public in a number of country towns after the Budapest venue. I urge everyone to see the exhibition, well worth the attention!