Memorable programs, memorable people

12 September 2019

Thirty Years in Freedom

Isn’t it great that what put an end to the disintegrating Soviet dictatorship was not chaos and armed unrests and that it is peace and good deeds that we can remember!
Father Imre Kozma, founder of the Maltese Charity Service thus remembered the events after thirty years at the memorial celebration held in Munich: “in 1989, refugees in Zugliget, in Budapest were offered not only shelter and food, but also had a chance to experience Christian love and to understand what it means that humans are capable of loving others more than themselves”. The personal account by Father Imre captivated me, as well. For a few minutes, I felt that we returned to the early autumn of 1989, when news broadcasts were all about the alarming fate of East German refugees. The story of Father Imre Kozma never ceases to astonish me, how a simple priest from Buda entered the stage of world politics and how big the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, established together with Csilla von Boeselager, has become in the meantime. 1989 was the year of mercy. Historic times, when hearts, as well as borders opened.