Memorable programs, memorable people

12 May 2016

Things that create a bond

The programmes of the Hand in Hand Foundation (KézenFogva Alapítvány) aimed at shaping public opinion are among the events I have always attended since János has been elected president of the republic. The reason is not just that I like to be with them and I am drawn to them but also because I genuinely believe that the key to acceptance is through better understanding of each other. Besides allowing healthy and disabled children to play together, these programmes also provide an opportunity to try how to manoeuvre using a wheelchair or navigate unassisted by sounds. This way, children in full possession of their senses can experience the difficulties that people with disabilities have to confront. This is where they also learn that the joy felt over victory and the love for our friend are the same, regardless of whether one is wheelchair-bound or deaf. Tolerance means precisely this: knowing that there is no difference when it comes to the most important things that make us humans.