Memorable programs, memorable people

25 July 2016

There is nothing more beautiful…

No matter how long we have not met, it feels as if we have never separated.  When we are together again, what happened during the time spent apart loses significance.  Only happiness matters.  Children living in Csaba Böjte’s care know the ruthless side of life.  Like the two siblings found famished and almost entirely naked in the forest and brought to Brother Csaba by a hunter a few years ago, thus saving their lives.  They too, were among the children from Gyergyószentmiklós, who this year had the chance to spend their vacation in Zánka.  They are all like fairy tale heroes, who defeated the dragon: they triumphed over their past and now radiate nothing but happiness and love.  Each and every moment spent with them underpins the thoughts of writer István Csukás:  “There is nothing more beautiful than life.  There is no point in trying to invent something more beautiful!”