Memorable programs, memorable people

12 November 2018

The Wonderful Secrets of Budapest

“Masterpieces have an element of fairy, which with its wondrous light, shines through the whole, gently and captivatingly, the same way as the Northern light shines in the summer night, improbably and still light-like.” (…) A masterpiece “should be structured based on engineering principles but should also have chaos in it and a teaspoonful of the primordial fog, the remnant of constellations, with its golden particles.” Upon entering the Romanesque Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts, the lines of the novel Herbario by Sándor Márai, came to mind. The fabulously beautiful hall, reborn after seventy years, impressed the spouses of ambassadors to Hungary, just as well, as the aweinspiring paintings by Raffaello and El Greco or the equestrian statue attributed to Leonardo da Vinci based on his drawings. I was pleased not only by the curiosity of my guests but also by the fact that an unprecedentedly high number of guests accepted my invitation. Our party marvelled in a friendly atmosphere at the cautiously guarded treasures of the capital, the angelic legacy of European artists. It’s been six years now that I have been organising this autumn cultural programme for the spouses of ambassadors accredited to Hungary. The growing popularity of this initiative is a positive feedback confirming that we should do it again next year.