Memorable programs, memorable people

08 October 2018

The Visit by the Turkish Presidential Couple

It was in bright sunshine, on a golden autumn day that my husband and I received the President of Turkey and his spouse. First, we showed them the unparalleled view of Budapest, afforded to us from the balcony of the Sándor Palace, then in a joint ladies’ programme with Emine Erdogan, we saw a fashion show in Kati Zoób’s salon. Since the wife of the Turkish president, also a mother of four, just like myself, is an outstanding and enthusiastic seamstress, she watched the creations of the well-known Hungarian fashion designer with expert eyes. She was captivated by the elegant outfits and the world of the finely woven, colourful collection. It was impressive that Kati Zoób spared no research to unearth and use over one hundred years old patterns and textiles. She combines these with the modern outfits of her designs in a unique manner.