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18 September 2019

The Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement is Ten Years Old

Latest research has once again confirmed: Hungarians still dream of more children than the number actually born. “In folk tales, it is always the third prince or princess who saves the old king, or the country. In today’s demographic situation there is an urgent need for desired, planned children to be born”, said Dr. Mária Kopp, when together with her husband, Árpád Skrabski, they founded the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement 10 years ago. Their initiative was brought to fruition by their daughter, Fruzsina Skrabski and her team through dedicated organisational efforts. Their ideas turned into reality, including the recognition of family-friendly businesses, the baby flag, the itinerant crib, the world record in lifting a child, as well as the dating club, all advocate the value of families and the joy of raising children. Wherever they can, they offer help to ensure that the children desired by young people are actually born. At the tenth birthday of the movement, I was surrounded by many friendly faces and smiling people. As if I had been invited to the celebration of a single huge family.