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29 May 2016

The saint of clemency

Sitting in the little church in Transylvania listening to the sermon of Csaba Böjte on St. Elisabeth of the Árpád dynasty, I became increasingly certain that this really is the place worthy of the relic of the saint. In spite of her noble origins, Elisabeth did not shy away from manual labour to help those in need: she made clothes for them, distributed food and cured the diseased. The relics of the patron saint of clemency were presented at a Transylvanian journey, the last stop of which was Székelyhíd.  One of the homes of Brother Csaba, offering shelter and a chance for a better life to deprived children, is in this small town near the border. They are surrounded by selfless people working for them, including many young people who dedicate one year, during their studies, to move in with the children as volunteers. Seeing these young people, one’s faith in the world and in good becomes stronger. The example is in front of our very eyes: you don’t need to be a saint to improve the lives of others.