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22 March 2019 - 23 March 2019

The Profound Secrets of our Friendship

“Prince Saint Emeric, of the Arpad Dynasty, your Soul was made of pearl”, said the inscription in Hungarian and Polish on the pedestal of the statue of the prince in the courtyard of the ancient monastery on the Holy Cross Hill near Kielce in Poland. We visited the holy place of Polish Benedictine monks on the day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship. The silent cloister hidden among the mountains cherishes the legend of the Hungarian prince together with catholic faith. According to the legend which survived mysteriously for centuries, Prince Emeric, hunting in the area in the olden days, pursued a deer that carried a shining cross between its antlers. The prince took it as a divine sign and thus asked the locals to build a church on the spot and gave them, as a present, the relic of the Holy Cross, hanging around his neck, which he received from his father, King Stephen. Since the Polish priests cherished the cross and the people also nurtured their traditions, first the mountain range surrounding the little chapel, later the entire region was named after the cross, to be Holy Cross Province.
It was thought-provoking to see that the Polish-Hungarian friendship celebrated with such joy up until this day has such millennial prospects and that the two peoples are bound together by mutual respect and by the shared history intertwined by a thousand threads. Year after year, we witness this strong and living friendship manifest in school and community sibling relations, friendly sporting events, countless jointly organised functions, demonstrating that we can rely on each other in the future as well and can build upon our special cohesion.

Photograph taken at the ladies’ programme, courtesy of Grzegorz Jakubowski (KPRP)